[erlang-questions] Where is 13th International Erlang/OTP User Conference going to be?

Ulf Wiger <>
Sun Oct 7 20:40:11 CEST 2007

It will be in the same place as last year:

(Approximately - you should go to the main entrance).

As to whether it will be one or two days, I have no clue.

Ulf W

2007/10/7, G Bulmer <>:
> After last weeks excellent Erlang workshop, I am thinking about going
> to the 13th International Erlang/OTP User Conference.
> Unfortunately, I don't know where it is (more precisely than Stockholm).
> Is it in a hotel or a conference centre?
> Is there a hotel offering a good deal on accommodation? I notice that
> Hotell Älvsjö was offering a discount last year.
> I realise this is very likely too late for this year, but I will
> suggest it anyway.
> It takes several days out of my schedule to go to a conference, and
> it's much easier to justify to myself when there are a couple of days
> of content. I would be very interested in a full day of training-
> orientated sessions towards "Erlang for those who have largely read
> and understood Joe's book". The things I feel I miss are the
> idiomatic uses of Erlang (like John Hughes' tiny [X || X>0]), and I'd
> love a 1/2+ day chunk of "Programming Distributed Erlang
> Applications: Pitfalls & Recipes" with hands on exercises. I suspect
> other newbies would too.
> I wouldn't expect it for free, though I am price sensitive (this is
> my holiday, after all :-), maybe 116 €/person, with a group of 20
> people? We bring our laptops with Erlang installed and ready to go,
> and the organiser provides a wireless network to distribute example
> code, slides and stuff. The whole thing could be the day after the
> user conference.
> If Erlang takes off big, it will be almost essential for next year.
> So the opportunity is to beta-test the whole process on us this year :-)
> I notice that last year, the conference was 2 days long. Does anyone
> know why it's only one day, the 8th, this year, or is there more
> announcements to come?
> G Bulmer
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