[erlang-questions] garbage collection questions

Isaac Gouy <>
Sat Oct 6 17:44:53 CEST 2007

James Hague wrote

> Originally the sieve benchmark used lists--which results in some
> pretty Erlang code--but there wasn't consistency between languages.
> Some functional languages used lists for the sieve benchmark, most
> other entries used destructive array updates.  I believe the point of
> nsieve was to require destructive array updates.

Note: nsieve is not quite the same as sieve, and afaict no one has
contributed an Erlang nsieve program that used lists.

Back in the day Doug Bagley wrote a sieve program based on some code
from Maurice Castro's book, and that was shown back in 2004.

nsieve does not /require/ destructive array updates but in many
languages arrays do seem to perform better for nsieve than other
sequenced collections.

If you have a fast list-based Erlang implementation for nsieve we'd be
happy to show it.

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