[erlang-questions] Surprising conclusion in . Parallel programming environments: less is more

jm <>
Sat Oct 6 03:34:13 CEST 2007

Heading off topic here....

Bengt Kleberg wrote:
> would you mind explaining what you want the new language to be better _at_?
> otherwise it is really easy to suggest swedish since it is much better 
> at talking to swedes :-)

As a native Swedish speaker you most likely haven't noticed that there 
is a lack of (free) introductory Swedish material on the Internet. This 
seems rather surprising given how up the swedes are on the Internet. 
There's a few Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Greek, even Russian 
and Pinoy (Tagalog) podcasts for foreign language students. For the more 
popular languages 
there are even free on-line courses. Search as I might there doesn't 
appear to be much out there for Swedish. Here I would have thought that 
the Swedish govt would have had something as part of promoting "the 
Swedish perspective" much like the BBCs brief from the British govt. 
Strangely enough the BBC actually has quite a good selection of foreign 
language material (http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/ ). Especially strange 
given that the English sometimes have a reputation for being xenophobic. 
The best I've come across has been fsi 
(http://fsi-language-courses.com/) which looks promising, but really 
don't have any idea as to how good it is in practice having not tried it 
nor knowing anyone who has.

So native Swedish speakers here's you chance to promote the learning of 
Swedish. Speak up and recommend good free Swedish learn material 
available online.

Now I just need find the time.

ps. Just took a quick look at Australia's national broadcaster, the ABC 
(http://www.abc.net.au/), to see how well Australia stacks up with 
English as a second language education on-line. I embarrassed to say not 
very well. I'm hoping it's just that I'm looking it the wrong place. 
Searching the government domains, use site:gov.au on google, does turn 
up lots of bits and pieces mostly by the state govts (State govts are 
responsible for education in Australia). Not sure how much of this is free.

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