[erlang-questions] Installing CEAN to manage Erlang on Ubuntu Fiesty

Lance Carlson <>
Fri Oct 5 15:51:22 CEST 2007

I tried last night to download and install CEAN on my ubuntu Fiesty
AMD 64 machine and I had some problems. I finally gave up and tried to
install Erlang from source, but again ran into some make errors. I
finally decided to use apt-get to pull down the necessary files but I
was hoping someone could help me get CEAN running on my machine first
as it would be nice to be able to manage Erlang versions from CEAN.
The problem I get when I try to download the archived version of CEAN
AMD 64 developer version, is that everytime I try to run ./start.sh it
tells me that "system linux-x86 is not recognized". Does anyone have
any suggestions?


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