[erlang-questions] Bad value on output port 'tcp_inet'

James Cone <>
Fri Oct 5 09:22:30 CEST 2007

In my case, it was an integer.  I found out when I captured the error 
and printed the data, so your advice was helpful.

I had a list of strings, and tried to send them one at a time, but the 
last one was a list of integers, so I didn't realise I was fully un-nested.

There's been some discussion in an ejabberd context, of having a 
separate string type.  I think this mistake of mine is another reason 
for having one, and also that I get *lots* of situations where io:format 
guesses wrongly and I get a list of integers that I don't want.

Claes Wikstrom wrote:
> Chandru wrote:
>> This is most probably because you are sending something other than a
>> (deep) list of integers or binaries. Check the data you are trying to
>> send down the socket.
> Typically atoms,
> is in for example:
> gen_tcp:send(Socket, [Bin1, "foo", some_atom, Bin2]).
> /klacke

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