[erlang-questions] logging to syslog

Per Hedeland <>
Thu Oct 4 22:37:43 CEST 2007

Garry Hodgson <> wrote:
>i've looked through the code, and read the RFC, and i have every reason to 
>believe that the code is correct.  especially since i can't seem to write to 
>syslog using netcat to send example messages from the RFC, either.  the 
>logger(1) command (using either unix stream or datagram methods), and 
>python's syslog module both do work, so syslogd appears to be sane.

Have you verified that logger is actually using the UDP port, and
consequently, that your syslog server is actually listening on it?
Basically none do it by default these days.

FWIW, the module works fine for me (on FreeBSD 6.2) after telling the
syslog daemon to listen on the port - but before doing that, 'logger -h
<myhostname> ...' did not work either. Incidentally, I don't see a way
to tell the logger version found on a nearby Linux box to use UDP... -
Hm, "datagram" /= "UDP", maybe that's where your mistake is?

--Per Hedeland

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