[erlang-questions] Surprising conclusion in . Parallel programming environments: less is more

David Mercer <>
Thu Oct 4 19:41:09 CEST 2007

> Oh, and with about 6,000 natural languages
> on Earth, we should most of us be so paralysed by choice that we don't
> say anything!

Good point.  I need to go check out some of those other languages to see if
they would actually be better than English.  Anyone got any suggestions?

I've heard Chinese is really good, because one character can convey an
entire word, rather than having to string multiple characters together.

On the other hand, the smaller alphabet of English is kind of like a macro
capability, since you can form new words out of the basic building blocks.
Maybe a language with a smaller alphabet is better though.  Greek has only
24 letters...



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