[erlang-questions] An update of Wranlger

H.Li <>
Tue Oct 2 22:34:53 CEST 2007

Dear Erlangers,

We are pleased to announce that an updated version of Wrangler with a new
refactoring (move a function definition between modules) and a few bug
fixes is now available from our project webpage:


Along with the update of Wrangler, we have also updated our wiki where we
document our work and thoughts on refactoring. You can find it at:


We are glad to let you know that after six-month suspension, we have now
restarted the implementation of Wrangler. While there is a long list of
refactorings waiting us to implement, such as duplicated code elimination,
add an argument to a function definition, introduce/remove processes,
etc, your thoughts and suggestions are very much welcomed. Our project
email is: 

We have been working with the Erlang researchers at the Eötvös Loránd
Unversity in Hungary, who have also been looking into refactorings and
announced their first release recently, and we hope in due course to make
a joint release of our work.

Best Regards,
Simon Thompson, Huiqing Li

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