[erlang-questions] how: distributed supervision tree

Zvi <>
Wed Nov 28 02:29:52 CET 2007


So what you suggesting, is to use "forest" of the single-node supervision
Then the "forester" or "woodward" will monitor, and start/restart/shut the
top-level supervisor in each "tree". Such a "forester" can't use Erlang's
built-in trap-exit/process linking mechanism and should reimplement
distributed version of it.


Ulf Wiger wrote:
> I would guess that what you're attempting to do is rather unusual.
> While the supervisor behaviour doesn't stop you from spawning
> a remote process, and it's quite possible to monitor a remote pid.
> The problems occur, as you note, when the process is to be
> restarted. It's not certain that the supervisor can do what it takes
> to start the process (e.g. if the remote node is down), and the
> supervisor is not designed to take these problems into account.
> It is more commonplace to use the distributed application controller
> for redundancy logic, keeping the supervision trees together on each
> node.
> BR,
> Ulf W
> 2007/11/26, Zvi <>:
>> The supervision strategy data structure is a list of tuples for each
>> worker.
>> The Worker specifications are tuples of the following form:
>> {Tag, {Mod, Func, ArgList},
>>          Restart,
>>          Shutdown,
>>          Type,
>>         [Mod1]}
>> Where:
>>     {Mod, Func, ArgList}
>> defines the function that the supervisor will use to start the worker. It
>> is
>> used as arguments to apply(Mod, Fun, ArgList).
>> How do I define worker process, which should be started/restarted on
>> remote
>> node?
>> Should I just write Mod:Fun function which calls spawn/2 ,i.e.
>> spawn(Node,Fun) ?
>> What happens if BEAM VM on node "Node" is down? Should Mod:Fun first call
>> to
>> some shell script to lanch VM on the remote node and only then spawn
>> Worker's Erlang proces on it?
>> Anybody has example?
>> Thanks in Advance
>> Zvi
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