[erlang-questions] : Subtle behaviour of Erlang scheduler

KatolaZ <>
Tue May 29 12:40:19 CEST 2007

On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 11:55:10AM +0200, Bjorn Gustavsson wrote:
> KatolaZ <> writes:
> > 
> > Well, maybe it does not matter for telecom apps, maybe it does not
> > matter for 90% of Erlang code, maybe it is a so rarely used feature,
> Using capitals letters doesn't make your statement more true.
> Rather it seems that you are shouting.

You're right. Sorry for that. It was not my intention to shout out. :-|

> That the scheduler does not have all the features you think you'll need
> does not mean that it is buggy.
> If we just had unlimited time, people and money, we would fix everything
> that every single user demanded so that Erlang could be used for every
> possible application. The reality is that we must base our developement
> on priorities and first work on features that will benefit the majority
> of the users.
> In this case, the behaviour of the code loader is unfortunate, but it is
> extremely easy to work around once you know about it. Trying to fix the
> issue in OTP by giving the code server higher priority is not as trivial
> as it might seem. We would have to make sure that the change would not
> break existing applications. Also, the code server in turn calls other
> processes to actually load the code from the disk, so those processes
> would have to have their priorities raised too. All this means that there
> is a risk of breaking old applications if you make a careless "fix" to
> the problem.

Well, I proposed a solution, based on "virtual" synchronisation points
and high-prio for code server, in another mail. We can discuss it, if
you want, and try how it works with legacy code. I'm going to do that



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