[erlang-questions] Stand alone TLS encryption module?

Mike Toler <>
Fri May 11 18:55:23 CEST 2007

Am I must missing the point here?  Does Tsung support TLS right now?

I have not gotten to the point of testing a secure connection yet (that
is suppose to happen in the next couple of weeks), so I've been trying
to research the problem up to now.

Do I just need to specify that the connection is going to be SSL, and
when the server sends the "starttls" XMPP message, the SSL module will
handle it?

(that would be too cool, but it seems like too much to ask for.)


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Mike Toler ecrivait le 10.05.2007 16:57:
> I'm working with the Tsung tool right now (written in Erlang) to load
> test a Jabber project.  In the real world, all of the communications
> and from the server would be encrypted using TLS, but that isn't
> supported by Tsung.


Tsung is able to use the ssl module. From the documentation, this module
(since ssl-3.0.6) is able to use tlsv1 :


Did you try it ?


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