[erlang-questions] Fwd: newbie distel / general node help

Raoul Duke <>
Sat Mar 31 21:33:12 CEST 2007

P.S.: After some experimenting on my Windows XP PC (although with a
newer version of erlang), I found there using "erl -sname
" and "net_adm:ping('')." would work. Using
"@localhost" didn't fix the issue on CentOS/OpenVZ.

When I called "erl_epmd:names()." on the XP machine it would list the
two nodes (even if I'd started without "@localhost" for sname, but in
that case ping didn't work).

However trying "erl_epmd:names(). " on my CentOS/OpenVZ machine just
froze for a long time and then eventually gave "{error,address}".

For whatever it might be worth to any other folks :-}

On 2/28/07, Raoul Duke <> wrote:
> >    yes, unfortunately.
> >    if you have two nodes, on the same machine, with the same cookie, running the
> > same version of the distribution protocol, if should work.
> >    how about if you start the nodes like this;
> > erl -sname 
> > erl -sname 
> using "localhost" or "mail" (the name of the machine) only gave pangs.
> thanks for your time on this, i will chalk it up to my OpenVZ setup
> being pathalogical.

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