[erlang-questions] xmerl: from tuple to xmerl data structure

Bertil Karlsson bertil.karlsson@REDACTED
Fri Jun 29 09:03:16 CEST 2007

use the xmerl_xml callback together with export_simple. Then just parse 
it with xmerl_scan:string


Ludovic Coquelle wrote:
> Hi,
> Just start to "play" with xmerl. I'm using the xmerl:export_simple/3
> to transform an erlang data structure in an XML document. Works
> nicely.
> Now, I would like to transform the same erlang data structure to the
> xmerl data structure (xmlElement...), to eventually use the xmerl_xs
> on it.
> Is there a simple way to do that?
> I was thinking to write a simple callback module (like xmerl_xml)
> which does nothing. Is this a good idea?
> Thanks
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