[erlang-questions] ruby classes implementation by erlang

Woo-Kyoung Noh wookay.noh@REDACTED
Thu Jun 28 07:29:37 CEST 2007

Hello, I've written some ruby like code by erlang.
the reason why I made this is that I'm familliar with ruby a lot,

please getting code from svn repository as

svn co http://wookay.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/erlang/ruby/
cd ruby
make test

this is really basic stuff though,
every class has some test examples, something like
A = new([1,2,3]),
Stack = new([]),
[1,2,3] = (A(each))(fun(X) -> Stack({push,X+1}) end),
[2,3,4] = Stack(value),
you know, this is not general erlang style.

the way of dispatching and keeping state follows*
Armistice: An Experience Developing Management Software with Erlang*

David Cabrero, Carlos Abalde, Carlos Varela and Laura Castro, University of
A Coruña

thank you.
welcome any comments.
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