[erlang-questions] broken documentation links (?)

Paul Mineiro paul-trapexit@REDACTED
Sun Jun 24 22:04:22 CEST 2007


I notice that (prominent) search results often point to pages that have
"disappeared", e.g., the #1 search result for "erlang cover module" on Google
and the #2 search result for "erlang cover module" on Yahoo are both 404.

This could be a barrier to adoption.  I'm thinking of these conversations
that I have at Yahoo trying to convince people to use Erlang where
I have to make statements like "Erlang is not as obscure as Forth".
I shudder to think that these people subsequently shuffle off to search
engines only to find error pages when they click links.  Yes, they
should be going directly to erlang.org for documentation but this is
their first view of Erlang and besides people like search engines to
find stuff.

It looks one pattern are urls with "doc/doc-X.Y.Z" in them going bad when
version X.Y.Z gets too out of date.  Maybe someone could add something to
the doc server to detect this condition and redirect to a later version
of the documentation along with some suitable information message?

-- p

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