[erlang-questions] Global names initialisation

Jan Henry Nystrom jan@REDACTED
Mon Jun 18 07:51:35 CEST 2007

Kirill Zaborski wrote:
> For my application I need to register "central" service with a global 
> name. I do this using {gobal, server_name} in gen_server:start_link/4
> Registration goes OK but when I start other node on the same host using 
> different -sname parameter I get an empty list from 
> global:registered_names/0. If I connect to the "main" node with 
> net_adm/ping then I see the desired global name.
> I there any way to get this right from the start?
Yes, connect from the start. The global library is implemented in
Erlang and uses nodup and nodedown messages from net_kernel to
keep track of nodes coming and going. BTW, to connect explicitly
net_kernel provides the function connect_node/1.

/Cheers Henry

> Regards,
> Kirill.
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