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Oops - two erlang-related papers in the main ICFP conference! (Nyström et al & Fredlund et al)
When did that last happen? (-:
Ulf W


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	                           Accepted Papers
	    ICFP 2007: International Conference on Functional Programming
	                 Freiburg, Germany, 1-3 October 2007
	The ICFP 2007 Program Chair and Committee are pleased to announce that
	the following papers have been accepted for the conference. 
	Additional information regarding the final program, invited speakers,
	and registration will be forthcoming.  However, the Local Arrangements
	Chair offers the following advice regarding hotel reservations:
	 * As September and October is Freiburg's main tourist season, it is
	   important that participants book hotel rooms early.  The blocks of
	   hotel rooms reserved for ICFP participants will be held until
	   August 1.  It is expected that many downtown hotels will be fully
	   booked at the time of the conference.  [However, there should be
	   little to no penalty for cancelling a hotel room reservation after
	   August 1.] 
	More details regarding accommodation and travel may be obtained from
	the ICFP 2007 Local Information webpage:
	                           Accepted papers
	A Generic Usage Analysis with Subeffect Qualifiers
	    by Jurriaan Hage, Stefan Holdermans, Arie Middelkoop 
	Experience Report: A Haskell interpreter for CellML
	    by Jonathan Cooper, Steve McKeever
	A type directed translation of MLF to System-F
	    by Daan Leijen
	A Type System for Recursive Modules
	    by Derek Dreyer
	Adding Delimited and Composable Control to a Production Programming
	    by Matthew Flatt, Gang Yu, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthias Felleisen
	Bidirectionalization Transformation based on Automatic Derivation of View 
	  Complement Functions
	    by Kazutaka Matsuda, Zhenjiang Hu, Keisuke Nakano, Makoto Hamana, 
	         Masato Takeichi
	Experience Report: Building an Eclipse-based IDE for Haskell
	    by Leif Frenzel
	Compiling with Continuations, Continued
	    by Andrew J. Kennedy
	Constructor specialisation for Haskell programs
	    by Simon Peyton Jones
	Evaluating High-Level Distributed Language Constructs
	    by Jan Nystrom, Phil Trinder, David King 
	Extensible Pattern Matching via a Lightweight Language Extension
	    by Don Syme, Gregory Neverov, James Margetson
	Faster laziness using dynamic pointer tagging
	    by Simon Marlow, Alexey Rodriguez, Simon Peyton Jones 
	Feedback Directed Implicit Parallelism
	    by Tim Harris, Satnam Singh
	Finger Trees in Russell
	    by Matthieu Sozeau
	Functional Pearl: The Great Escape
	    by David Herman
	Experience Report: Functional Programming in C-Rules 
	    by Jeremy Wazny
	Inductive Reasoning about Effectful Data Types
	    by Andrzej Filinski, Kristian Stoevring
	iTasks: Executable Specifications of Interactive Work Flow Systems for the Web
	    by Rinus Plasmeijer, Peter Achten, Pieter Koopman 
	Lazy Call-By-Value Evaluation
	    by Frank Huch, Bernd Brassel, Sebastian Fischer, Michael Hanus, 
	         German Vidal
	McErlang: A Model Checker for a Distributed Functional Programming Language
	    by Lars-Åke Fredlund, Hans Svensson
	On Barron and Strachey's Cartesian Product Function
	    by Michael Spivey, Olivier Danvy
	Ott: Effective Tool Support for the Working Semanticist
	    by Peter Sewell, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Scott Owens, Gilles Peskine, 
	         Thomas Ridge, Susmit Sarkar, Rok Strnisa
	Relating Complexity and Precision in Control Flow Analysis
	    by David Van Horn, Harry Mairson
	Experience Report: Scheme in Commercial Web Application Development 
	    by Noel Welsh, David Gurnell
	Stream Fusion: From Lists to Streams to Nothing at All
	    by Duncan Coutts, Roman Leshchinskiy, Don Stewart
	Tangible Functional Programming
	    by Conal Elliott
	Termination Analysis and Call Graph Construction for Higher-Order Functional
	    by Damien Sereni
	The Portable R6RS Syntax System
	    by Abdulaziz Ghuloum, R. Kent Dybvig
	Experience Report: The Reactis Validation Tool 
	    by Steve Sims, Daniel C. DuVarney
	Type-safe Higher-order Channels in ML-like Languages
	    by Sungwoo Park
	User-Friendly Functional Programming for Web Mashups
	    by Rob Ennals, David Gay
	Experience Report: Using Functional Programming to Manage a Linux Distribution
	    by Clifford Beshers, David Fox, Jeremy Shaw

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