[erlang-questions] Integration testing in Erlang

Kirill Zaborski qrilka@REDACTED
Thu Jun 14 13:34:15 CEST 2007

Ok, then I must check test_server docs.
Are there any good tutorials about it elsewhere (an except trapexit article)?
If we have test_server then why bother with EUnit? For simpler cases?


On 6/14/07, gordon guthrie <gordonguthrie@REDACTED> wrote:

> Kirill
> Depends on the sort of tests you want to write.
> The Erlang Test Server will allow you to write as complex system tests as you want. It runs through a set of suite and test set-up routines, you execute your tests and it tears down your environment.
> Typically I create a new db schema, load it with test data, start an application (or applications) and then execute tests against the known environment - depending on the product.
> For large web apps you can use Tsung to record and script the http input and run regression tests, or you can use it as a 'white noise' tester and fire a million random inputs in and then look for crash reports (both work for me) .
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