[erlang-questions] Killer Erlang tools

Toby Thain toby@REDACTED
Wed Jun 13 15:38:42 CEST 2007

On 13-Jun-07, at 4:29 AM, Dmitrii 'Mamut' Dimandt wrote:

> Toby Thain wrote:
>> OS X + Windows != portable. In any case as others point out, a Cocoa
>> runtime for Windows is so far a dream.
>> That's not to say that portable GUIs are easy. Frameworks all suck.
> There's Qt. It's GPL'ed

Sigh. Qt is top of mind because its OS X flavour has a bug which  
makes Psi almost unusable. Psi project isn't interested in fixing it  
and upstream doesn't seem to care. End result: suckage. Coccinella  
uses Tcl and some x-platform framework and also sucks.

I'm not sure I can name any really satisfactory portable framework  
except, as bob astutely points out, a good web browser.

And Apple has showed no interest in portable development either,  
except a flirtation with Java a while back.

(drifting OT)

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