[erlang-questions] Autosaving *.erl in emacs before compilation

Roberto Saccon rsaccon@REDACTED
Tue Jun 12 23:55:31 CEST 2007

Does anybody know how to also add the distel module reloading to the compile
shortcut ?

I tried with:

(global-set-key [f9] (lambda () (interactive) (progn (save-buffer)
(erlang-compile) (erl-reload-modules))))

but got this error message:

Waiting for Erlang shell prompt (press C-g to abort). [2 times]
progn: Wrong number of arguments: (lambda (node) "reload all out-of-date
modules" (interactive (list (erl-target-node))) (erl-rpc (lambda (result)
(message "load: %s" result)) nil node (quote distel) (quote reload_modules)
nil)), 0

Roberto Saccon
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