[erlang-questions] Erlang analysis and refactoring: In Erlang or for Erlang?

Tamas Nagy lestat@REDACTED
Fri Jun 8 23:34:19 CEST 2007

On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 21:29 +0100, Joel Reymont wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm trying to decide whether I should use Erlang to write a analysis  
> and refactoring tool for Erlang (think IDE), or should use Lisp or  
> OCaml and connect to the Erlang VM.
> The complication is that Mac is my target platform and there's no  
> Cocoa bridge for Erlang. LispWorks for Mac has a bridge and Lisp is  
> nice for writing compilers and language tools. I also believe that  
> the last Erlang refactoring tool was written in SML.
> Any suggestions?
>      Thanks, Joel

At our university (ELTE, Budapest) we are working on a refactoring tool
for Erlang written in Erlang. We will release it in a few months time.
(Right now we have 7 working refactorings).

The project's site is:

And there is another refactoring tool which was recently released. It is
developed by the University of Kent, Canterbury(Wrangler). We are
collaborating with them.


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