[erlang-questions] I need to call unexported functions from the erlang shell

Kenneth Lundin kenneth.lundin@REDACTED
Fri Jun 8 11:19:40 CEST 2007


I don't really understand why there is a big need for Luke to call
local functions
from the shell during debugging of a live system?

Have you tried tracing on local functions? With this mechanism,
intended to be possible to use in a live system you can easily
trace on the calls to a specific local function including input data
and return value.

/Kenneth (Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson)

On 6/8/07, Luke Gorrie <luke.gorrie@REDACTED> wrote:
> ok <ok@REDACTED> writes:
> > I suggest that Luke Gorrie's needs could best be served by
> The proposed solution would suit me very well indeed!
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