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Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
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As far as I can remember, the only gotcha is that sending buffer must become full first. So, if your sending buffer is *big*, and traffic volumes are low, it may take a while before the timeout kicks in.
Actually I'm surprised to hear that this feature is not supported, as we've been using it since R9 -- I've never used R10, but jumped straight to R11, so not sure if the problem was introduced in R10. Come to think of it -- I don't remember testing in on R11. Hmmm... should I be worried?

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  Hi all


  I am running into the infamous gen_tcp:send/2 that blocks indefinately issue on R10.  Upgrading to R11 is in the works, but it is not feasible right now.

  The undocumented feature of send_timeout in setopts might be the way out.  Can any one that uses this feature tell me what the gotchas might be with it?

  Why is it not a supported feature yet?  Under what circumstances migtht it break?






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