[erlang-questions] Message multiplexing

Jim McCoy <>
Sat Jul 28 00:59:37 CEST 2007

Can anyone out there save me from diving into the Erlang source to
determine whether or not Erlang does any multiplexing of messages
being sent between processes (esp. processes on different nodes)?  The
fact that there are no ordering assurances for message sending gives
me a bit of hope, but I would love to know any low-level details that
would answer this question.

The basic case I am thinking of is sending messages A, B, and C from
node 1 to node 2.  Message A is 10M and messages B and C are 10 bytes.
 Assuming the messages are all sent from the same process in the order
node2 ! A, node2 ! B, node2 ! C, is there any hope that messages B and
C might not have to wait around for all 10M of message A to get
delivered to node 2 before they hop on to the wire?



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