[erlang-questions] Distributed application on unreliable network

Samuel Rivas samuelrivas@REDACTED
Thu Jul 26 17:16:21 CEST 2007


  Suppose I have one application distributed in two nodes, node1 and node2, in
two different hosts. node1@REDACTED has higher priority than node2@REDACTED

  While communication between host1 and host2 is ok everything works right,
whenever node1 is up and the application started in that node, the application
is not running in node2. If node1 crashes, node2 takes it over.

  But, if communication between host1 and host2 breaks down, after a timeout
node2 reports it and starts the application. That is fine, but if communication
returns, application is no longer distributed, it is running on both nodes. Even
if I connect node1 and node2 (e.g. with net:ping/1). The only way I found to
restore it is tearing one of the nodes down ...

  Is this correct or am I doing something dumb?

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