[erlang-questions] behavior of funktions

Johannes <>
Tue Jul 24 22:36:49 CEST 2007

i thought bout adding this future to the erts.
to handle functions with side effekts i thought of useing
 ::funname or module::funname
to enable this future.
Is there any problem with using '::'? or should i use other letters ?

today i got the sourecode of erlang from
http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_R7B-1.tar.gz and started to
search for the code of erl.
What is the file i have to modify ?? and what are the files assigned to
erl ??

greatz Johannes
Johannes schrieb:
> hi, i have a question about the behavior of funktions.
> if theres a function:
> f(A,0) ->
> 	1;
> f(A,B) ->
> 	[f(A,B-1),f(A,B-1)].
> how often is f(A,B-1) evaluated then ? just one time, and erlang tooks
> the result everywhere where it fits, like f(A,B) -> TMP=f(A,B-1),[TMP;TMP].
> or is it evaluated every time again ??
> greatz Johannes
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