[erlang-questions] Troubleshooting using YAWS + SOAP

Laura M. Castro Souto <>
Wed Jul 18 11:46:29 CEST 2007

   Hello Willem,

	Thank you very much for trying, anyway. We keep looking for a reason for this 
behaviour, but starting to think it might not be a YAWS nor SOAP problem...

> One thing that may be the cause of the problem is that one important
> statement is still missing in the documentation: you have to actually start
> the server... "yaws:start_embedded(Docroot, SL,GL)", assuming that Docroot,
> GL and SL have the right values, see http://yaws.hyber.org/soap_intro.yaws.

	Yes, we realized that. However, that is not exactly how we start YAWS, but I 
think it must be equivalent. This is what we do:

DGC = yaws_config:make_default_gconf(true, 'our-unique-id'),
		logdir = "/var/log/our-application",
		tmpdir = "/tmp",
		enable_soap = true
SC = #sconf{
		port = 8888,
		docroot = "yaws",
		listen = {0,0,0,0},
		servername = "Our HTTP server",
yaws_api:setconf(GC, [[SC]]),

	I will let you know if we make any progress.


Laura M. Castro
MADS Group - Computer Science Department
University of A Corunna
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