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thanks for the information ! I did not know that c() could have a second
parameter. That's what I needed. Actually I did not know that c was a 
module of its own, and that it was documented here : http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/c.html

Thanks again,

Olivier Boudeville

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On 16/07/07, Olivier BOUDEVILLE <olivier.boudeville@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry if it's an obvious question, but how to specify to the erl 
> which include directories should be scanned for *.hrl file when using
> 'c(my_module).' ? (a I tried with no luck '-code_path_cache' and 
> (I suppose both must be for precompiled modules (beam)), but I did not 
> header counterparts (I lack the C/C++ -I directive). Had to create a 
> instead.

If you are using the -include directive:
c(my_module, [{i, "../include1"}, {i, "../include2"}]).

If you are using the -include_lib directive, as

Then make sure that "app1/ebin" is in your code path.


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