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I put some answers in between your questions.

Good luck,

On 7/17/07, Ahmed Ali <ahmed.nawras@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Erlang and trying to learn. I have the following
> notes/questions:
> 1) I didn't find any reference to http_uri module in erlang refernse
> documentation. I had to look into source code to understand what this module
> does. I found it while looking at erlsom source code. Just wanted to
> highlight this for the next release of the documentation :)
> 2) I'm trying to use yaws_soap_lib for calling some web service. when I
> call yaws_soap_lib:initModel(Url), I get the following error:
>  exited: {{badmatch,
>                 {error,
>                     [{exception,
>                          {error,
>                              "Unexpected attribute (not namespace
> qualified): nillable"}},

Hm, I'll have to include support for "nillable" in erlsom. I have to confess
that I was not aware of this limitation. It shouldn't be too add, I'll try
to put it into a new release in the near future.

I deleted all occurances of nillable="true" from the WSDL file and tried
> again and still get the following error:
> ** exited: {{badmatch,
>                 [{'wsdl:tTypes',
>                      [],
>                      undefined,
>                      [{schemaType,
>                           [],
>                           " http://util.java/xsd" ....

I looked at the WSDL you sent me, and I noticed that it contains a number of
<schema> elements. I suppose that this is perfectly legal, but I never
considered it. I'll try to fix this in a next release.

In the mean time, you could try to reduce the number of <schema> elements to
1, using <include> to include the additional schema's into this 1 remaining
schema. This should work (I didn't try it...), and the effect should be the

Also, I tried the test function is yaws_soap_lib:qtest() and it failed. Any
> help/explenation is appreciated.

I'm sorry, but I was not able to reproduce the error you sent me. I did find
another error, related to the use of ibrowse. This can be fixed by
commenting out lines 273-275 in the file yaws_soap_lib.erl.

Best regards,
> Ahmed Al-Issaei
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