[erlang-questions] Erlang and artificial intelligence: new ar ticle on trapexit

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Interesting - you should link to your slides:


How does your system perform ? Have you run any standard benchmarks ?
How does your system scale to large knowledge base and/or large rule sets ?
What possibility is there for fine-grain concurrency in a RETE system ?
How could you stream facts into the server in non-Erlang format (XML) ?

How could you load and update rules at runtime from non-Erlang format (XML)
i.e. interpret rules, or on-the-fly compilation and loading of rules.

Queries are a bit like dynamic rules, where the results are not asserted to 
the knowledge base but streamed back to the client. So having a dynamic rule
compilation system would support optimized streaming queries, 
including event correlation and temporal pattern matching.

Is your system still under active development ?
e.g. in your presentation you mention adding negation

What is the software license ?


P.S. Good discussion of the Java Drools rule engine 
     design, implementation and benchmarking here:

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Hi all,

Francesca Gangemi and myself started a section on trapexit of articles 
on Erlang and artificial intelligence; in particular they will cover the 
use of the ERESYE tool, developed by us, for AI applications.



Comments are welcome.

All the best,

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