[erlang-questions] prim_inet

Ben Hood <>
Sun Jul 15 13:39:18 CEST 2007


> prim_inet is not documented because it is not intended to be a
> supported/stable API which we will keep backwards compatible.
> prim_inet is only supposed to be used by modules such as gen_udp,
> gen_tcp, gen_sctp, inet etc. which are supported and documented API's.

Fair enough.

> If important functionality is missing in the supported API's it should
> be added there and probably in a slightly different way than in
> prim_inet (but built on prim_inet).

Is it possible though there is functionality prim_inet that is not
exposed or consumed by the exported APIs (i.e. why would I find code
that uses prim_inet directly)?

Also, it is possible to summarize in a few lines what it does (just
for interest's sake)?

> The general principle that we follow is that what's not documented is
> not supported and tested and might change, dissapear or whatever
> between releases.




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