[erlang-questions] ssl failed during the time shaking hands - FIXED, patch attached

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Sun Jul 15 13:23:04 CEST 2007

Bruce Fitzsimons wrote:
> Bruce Fitzsimons wrote:
>> I've not had time to do a diff against previous versions, but something 
>> appears to have changed as I can't see how this ever works.
> Sorry list, I should know better than to say things like that, I can now 
> see that the TRANSPORT_ACCEPT_REP is given, but the reply is lost for 
> some reason. 
Problem resolved. ssl_prim.erl was passing an FD rather than an 
#sslsocket to ssl_broker:ssl_accept_prim

golf src # diff ssl_prim.erl /tmp/ssl_prim.erl.patched
<     ListenFd = ListenSocket#sslsocket.fd,
<             ssl_server_prim, gen_tcp, self(), ListenFd, infinity, NewSt)).
 >             ssl_server_prim, gen_tcp, self(), ListenSocket, infinity, 

Fixes it completely. This is in R11B-5.


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