[erlang-questions] ssl failed during the time shaking hands

Bruce Fitzsimons <>
Sat Jul 14 12:46:03 CEST 2007

Jeremy Chow wrote:
> <snip lots of good analysis>
> Apparently,  there are still 142 bytes data stayed at the receive
> queue. The receiver terminal program hasnot take any data from that
> queue beacuse the right file descriptor has not been added yet.
> Who can explain that phenomenon and give me a solution?
Hi Jeremy, list,

I'm assuming you didn't find the cause? I can't explain the phenomenon, 
but I am experiencing the same problem. Using standard distribution my 
two nodes talk fine, but if I introduce inet_ssl with all the correct 
options they refuse to communicate (on the local lan).  Setting up 
normal ssl connections (ssl:listen etc) works between the nodes, using 
the same certificates. I'm seeing the same Recv-Q in netstat, and all my 
node<->dns<->ip resolution queries look fine.

I'm going to try reinstalling without hipe (sorry hipe guys) and failing 
that dig into the source.

All on gentoo linux x86, with R11B-5.


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