[erlang-questions] JavaScript compiler for Erlang

Dominique Boucher <>
Fri Jul 13 20:52:47 CEST 2007

Maybe a JavaScript interpreter in Erlang would be more interesting? I know
of several XML-based languages requiring a JavaScript interpreter that could
benefit from being implemented in Erlang (VoiceXML, GrXML, CCXML, etc, all
in the speech-recognition industry). 


> True, it is quite annoying to have to code AJAX with event handlers as
> opposed to just writing code linearly as you would in Erlang.  That,
> however, would justify compiling Erlang to Javascript, instead of vice
> cersa, so you can write your code in Erlang but distribute it to browsers
> in
> a language they understand.
> So my question stands: other than for intellectual edification, why would
> you compile Javascript to Erlang?  I'm not asking rhetorically; I'm hoping
> the answer will cause me to think about it on my drive home this
> evening...

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