[erlang-questions] JavaScript compiler for Erlang

David Mercer <>
Fri Jul 13 20:21:30 CEST 2007

True, it is quite annoying to have to code AJAX with event handlers as
opposed to just writing code linearly as you would in Erlang.  That,
however, would justify compiling Erlang to Javascript, instead of vice
cersa, so you can write your code in Erlang but distribute it to browsers in
a language they understand.

So my question stands: other than for intellectual edification, why would
you compile Javascript to Erlang?  I'm not asking rhetorically; I'm hoping
the answer will cause me to think about it on my drive home this evening...


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> being said, since most Javascript development is done for the browser,
> concurrent programming isn't as big an issue for most Javascript
> programmers, ...

that's changing: most interactive environments are concurrent environments,
although the support
for it in Javascript seems dismal.  (but then, it's dismal in most windowing
systems, too.)
that seems to force slightly unusual approaches
(but those might anyway be interesting in themselves), such as:

MapJAX: Data Structure Abstractions for Asynchronous Web Applications

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