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David Mercer <>
Fri Jul 13 19:15:56 CEST 2007

I read Virding's paper out of interest, and it is quite interesting, and I
was playing around in my head how to implement Javascript in Erlang, when it
struck me: why?  Is it that you want to embed code written in Javascript
into an Erlang program?  That you think an Erlang implementation would be
faster (or better in some other way) than existing ones?  Or is it just out
of intellectual curiosity?


I ask because I do a lot of Javascript programming (server-type
applications, not part of any browser).  One of the things I like about
Javascript, however, is its portability.  I can use the libraries I develop
for my applications (say, an implementation of a heap, or scheduler, or a
parser) on a web page without any problem.  (I don't generally program web
pages, but others in my team do.)  But I would never want to compile my
Javascript libraries to Erlang; it would be much better to rewrite them.


So for me the opposite would seem to be more interesting: compiling Erlang
to Javascript.  So long as you're willing to take the performance hit.  That
being said, since most Javascript development is done for the browser,
concurrent programming isn't as big an issue for most Javascript
programmers, so I know I am in the great minority as one of the few
Javascript programmers who doesn't care about web programming.







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There is a great paper by Florian Loitsch where he attempted to translate

javascript to scheme. The performance was actually better than most

javascript implementations. I don't think that he had 100% language

compatability, but it should be a great start for a JS -> Erlang project.


On 7/10/07, Robert Virding <> wrote: 

Joel Reymont wrote:
> Folks,
> Is Erlang a good platform to compile JavaScript to?
> Just gathering opinions.
>       Thanks, Joel
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Yes, I think Erlang would be a good platform to compile JavaScript to. I
have been thinking about how to do a PHP implementation and arrived at
the same conclusion. The main difficulties would be the large libraires 
and the rather crappy syntax and semantics (of PHP).

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