[erlang-questions] Number of tcp/ip connections

selva rani ranitrue@REDACTED
Wed Jul 11 15:10:29 CEST 2007

Hi all,
       I am running a server application in Windows 2003 with multiple
clients connecting to server. In my application i would like to connect more
than 1024 tcp/ip connections with the server. But when the connection just
exceeds 1024 i get enfile error in server. I tried changing the maximum
number of connections using ERL_MAX_PORTS. I changed this using
os:putenv("ERL_MAX_PORTS","value"). But even then i got enfile error. Then i
changed the parameter TcpNumConnections (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \System
\CurrentControlSet \Services \Tcpip \Parameters) that limits the maximum
number of connections that TCP may have open simultaneously. After changing
this parameter also the server is unable to accept more than 1024
connections and generates enfile error. Tell me what should be done to
increase the number of tcp/ip connections with the server (more than 1024).

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