[erlang-questions] Application resource file

Bob Cowdery Bob.Cowdery@REDACTED
Wed Jul 11 09:26:10 CEST 2007

Hi all

I have been using an application resource file for some time. Starting my application as in 'application:start(erlinksr).' picks up the default file and consumes it without problems. This file is called erlinksr.app. Now I want to feed different resource files according to a profile. Looking at the erl switches  documentation I see a -config switch which points me to (app(4) and application(3)) which talk about resource files. If I say '-config erlinksr' (having copied the file to be erlinksr.config as it expects this extension) it complains:

{"could not start kernel pid",application_controller,"error in config file \"./erlinksr.config\" (none): configuration file must contain ONE list ended by <dot>"}

Clearly these are different config files. Is the documentation wrong or did I read it wrong? How can I have my application start with different resource files apart from copying over the right one before starting erl.



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