[erlang-questions] cean:available(). not working?

Vamsee Kanakala vamlists@REDACTED
Tue Jul 10 00:38:53 CEST 2007


An Erlang noob here. I am trying to get cean working under my existing 
Erlang install in Ubuntu Feisty. I installed the cean library, set up 
the export commands in the erl script, cean seems to be installed 
properly, but when I do type cean:available()., I get this instead of 
the package listing:

1> cean:available().
["    _uacct = \"UA",
 "    urchinTracker();",
 "  <img alt=\"Valid HTML 4.01 Strict\" src=\"/images/valid",
 "  <img alt=\"css\" src=\"/images/valid",
 "  <img alt=\"debian\" src=\"/images/debian",
 "  <img alt=\"erlang\" src=\"/images/erl",
 "  <img alt=\"yaws\" src=\"/images/yaws",
 "<a class=\"doc\" href=\"/doc\">Documentation</a>",
 "<a class=\"doc\" href=\"/faq\">FAQ</a>",
 "<a class=\"doc\" href=\"/stats\">Stats</a>",
 "<a class=\"email\" href=\"/about\">About</a>",
 "<a class=\"email\" href=\"/contrib\">Contribute</a>",
 "<a class=\"gallery\" href=\"/packages\">Packages</a>",
 "<a class=\"links\" href=\"/download\">Download</a>",
 "<a class=\"links\" href=\"http://www.process",
 "<a href=\"http://jigsaw.w3.org/css",
 "<a href=\"http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer\">",
 "<a href=\"http://www.debian.org\">",
 "<a href=\"http://www.erlang.org\">",
 "<a href=\"http://yaws.hyber.org/\">",
 "<div class=\"alert\"><img src=\"/images/404.gif\" align=\"middle\" 
hspace=\"0\" vspace=\"0\"></img>",
 "<div class=\"content\">"|...]

However, cean:search seems to be working properly, but when I try to 
install a found package through cean:install, it says the package is not 

3> cean:search("mysql").
[{"mysql","MySQL native driver"}]
4> cean:install(mysql).
error: mysql not found in download

Any pointers?


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