[erlang-questions] erlang startup problem on Ubuntu Feisty / XEN

Richard Andrews <>
Sun Jul 8 12:03:02 CEST 2007

--- Roberto Saccon <> wrote:

> OS: Ubuntu Feisty under XEN


Ya ... replied before I read it thoroughly. So ntp isn't going to be the issue
if it is only the VM which is restarting.

It could be a CPU starvation issue, as the clock in the guest can only be
updated when the guest process is scheduled to run. Boot time is typically one
of the most intense CPU usage times - the host needs to read a lot of data for
the guest from disk.

If it's starvation this might be aleviated by using a (-)ve nice value on the
guest OS process, or within the guest with a (-v) nice on the erlang machine
(this one particularly if it runs OK in a terminal which get an interactive
scheduling boost - although I'm not sure how you get a terminal before boot

Is there only one guest starting or many?

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