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Eranga Udesh <>
Fri Jul 6 18:47:35 CEST 2007

Alright, I wasn't thinking this model. 

This receive loop doesn't wait at any level, hence seems CPU intensive.
However this can be improved.

- Eranga

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I would guess you'd use Mr. Wiger's functions in some sort of receive loop.
Something like (I did not test this or even make sure it compiles, but it
gives an idea of what I thought Mr. Wiger was saying):

priority_receive(Queue) ->
		{Priority, Message} ->
			in(Message, Priority, Queue)
		after 0 ->

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Well, gb_trees are created in process heap. Therefore between 2 processes
you cannot have a shared gb_tree. So, one process cannot add messages while
the other retrieves.

Also gb_trees is O(log n) complex. Hence it's not like queue where messages
are entered from one side (tail) and read from the other side (head). It's a
complex task than a plain message queue, which is O(1). Also a process has
to constantly query a gb_tree to see if a message is available. 

Ideally, a process waits until a message is put in to its input stream.

Pls correct me if I am wrong.

- Eranga

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As pointed by Ulf for priority queues, just use "gb_trees".

What do you mean by "efficient message retrieval" ?
Explain further your problem.


Explain further your problem? What do you want to 

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>Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 17:43:09 +0530
>How to handle Priority Queues between processes, while keeping efficient
>message retrieval?
>- Eranga
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>You can use a gb_trees structure:
>in(Item, Prio, Q) ->
>   gb_trees:insert({Prio,now()}, Item, Q).
>out(Q) ->
>   gb_trees:take_smallest(Q).
>peek(Q) ->
>   gb_trees:smallest(Q).
>The order will be FIFO. If you want LIFO, you 
>could negate the Prio value and take_largest
>Ulf W
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>> Hi Folks!
>> I'm looking for a robust implementation of "Priority queue"
>> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priority_queue) in Erlang.
>> Any pointer?
>> cheers
>> Y.
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