[erlang-questions] Intermittent failures connecting C hidden nodes

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Fri Jul 6 08:21:02 CEST 2007

I had a situation where erlang listener on a particular node would refuse 
any new, whilst maintaining existing connections. How did we fix that... 
Well, we've recompiled the ERTS for that particular OS patch level, and I do 
not recall having such a problem ever since. In other words, it might be 
that you're looking for a problem/solution in a wrong place. The question 
you should ask: does the problem always occurs on a particular server. If 
so -- find what is the difference (OS patch level) between this server and 
others, and if there is any, verify that the run-time (ERTS) has been build 
for that particular machine.

* * *

> The server is using R11B2 on FreeBSD, built from /usr/ports.
> The clients are Linux using the erl_interface library from
> R11B3 currently.  (The changelog between and seems
> like it wouldn't make any difference here).
This is a brave assumption, and occasionally a wrong one... I suggest that 
you do recompile & re-link using if your target is R11B3, if nothing 
else, just to eliminate this as a potential cause.


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