[erlang-questions] "epmd -daemon" on windows

Peter Steiner <>
Thu Jul 5 17:20:34 CEST 2007


i have developed a C-node as windows service, which is the first 
component of an erlang environment starting up.

because of that, it has to initialize epmd, which is not running when 
the service is started.

unfortunately, on my system "epmd -daemon" is not working at all - no 
epmd process is living after running this command.

is there a way to enable epmd logging on windows, so that i might 
analyze this problem?

what might be the reason that "epmd -daemon" does not work - neither 
being run from cmd with an administrative user, nor being forked from an 
service running as LOCALSYSTEM?

is there another way, e.g. through the C API, to start epmd from a C node?


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