[erlang-questions] emacs / distel problem with dynamic tags

Bill Clementson billclem@REDACTED
Wed Jul 4 15:56:41 CEST 2007

"Roberto Saccon" <rsaccon@REDACTED> writes:

> when using "M-.", "M-,", and "M-*" for jumping from call to function
> implementation, emacs always asks me for the nodename.

Presumably, you're using distel from svn and this issue only occurs when 
you're using calling erl-find-source with a prefix arg 
(e.g. - "C-u M-.")?

> But I have defined the nodename (of a webapp inside yaws) and I can
> reload modules perfectly without emacs asking me each time again for
> the nodename.
> So how can I make emacs picking automatically that nodename for the
> dynamic tags stuff ?

There was a recent distel enhancement (which allows one to select a
node name when running many distel commands by calling the command
with a prefix arg). This mod also affected the erl-find-source command. 
I've made a fix for this and you should retrieve the latest svn version
of distel (from http://code.google.com/p/distel/)

Bill Clementson

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