[erlang-questions] Fwd: newbie distel / general node help

Mats Cronqvist mats.cronqvist@REDACTED
Wed Feb 28 08:28:02 CET 2007

Raoul Duke wrote:
>> hi Mats, many thanks for your email. I used 'screen' (since I don't
>> have X set up) and the ping test works. Some observations:
>> a) it works real fast if i say net:ping(bla).
>> b) it works much more slowly if i say net:ping(bla@REDACTED).
> Wait! I take it all back! Turns out I thought that "pang" was just a
> funny ha ha foreign version of "pong". Now that I'm looking at the
> source for net_adm.erl it appears that "pang" really means "error"
> because there is a "pong" case for {ok, yes}. Moral:
> a) if "pang" means error, i think "pang" is a pretty misleading thing
> to be responding with :-) and "error" or "failed" or something like
> that would be more helpful to newbies.

   yes, that really sucks. fyi, "pang" is the sound cartoon guns makes in 
swedish. i guess way back, when the Erlang user base fit in an elevator, someone 
thought it was funny that ping could return pong (good) or pang (bad). and i 
guess it is kind of funny, but only if you speak swedish...

> b) well getting "pang" [if it means error] is at least consistent with
> the results of my other experiments.

   yes, unfortunately.
   if you have two nodes, on the same machine, with the same cookie, running the 
same version of the distribution protocol, if should work.

   how about if you start the nodes like this;
erl -sname bla@REDACTED
erl -sname foo@REDACTED


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