[erlang-questions] Fwd: newbie distel / general node help

Raoul Duke raould@REDACTED
Tue Feb 27 00:42:20 CET 2007

[i thought i was already subscribed, but i guess not. apologies if
this ends up dup'ing at all.]


Apologies if there is something obvious I missed...
I'm having newbie trouble trying to get Distel talking to my
shell node. So I then simplified to trying to get 2 nodes on the same
machine working. I think I've gone through most of the things people
report has considerations (via doing google searches for my issue).
Things I've checked:

* using -sname, not -name, each shell reports the right short name via node().
* cookies are the same via erlang:get_cookie().
* epmd reports both nodes, with appropriate short names.
* tried referencing a pid as well as a registered name on the other
node. Calling on the process on the other node hangs for a moment, and
nothing appears on the other node (simple echo program listed below).
* tried using JCL to start a remote shell - it shows in the job list -
then connect - it is dead as soon as i connect to that job "ERROR:
Shell process terminated!"

this is on erlang-R11B-0.1.el4.kb on CentOS 4.4 i386 (on OpenVZ). [in
Distel, I have it configured via .emacs to pass "-R9" as a switch, not
sure when/why I added that. I've tried the nodes with and w/out that,
no apparent resulting difference.]

-export([new/0, dispatch/0]).

new() ->
    Echo = spawn(echo, dispatch, []),
    register(techo, Echo).

dispatch() ->
        dispose ->
        _Msg ->
            erlang:display("got message"),

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