[erlang-questions] edoc: easy question

Robert Baruch autophile@REDACTED
Wed Feb 14 18:17:36 CET 2007

Hmm, well, I used this:

  erl -noshell -run edoc_run application 'app' '"src"' '[{dir, "doc"}]'

That did generate all of the documentation, but also put in another  
frame called "packages", which included such gems as:


So it's still not quite ideal.


On Feb 14, 2007, at 7:02 AM, Richard Carlsson wrote:

> Robert Baruch wrote:
>> Not really having any luck with application, either
>> --Rob
>> ekmac:~ ek$ erl -noshell -run edoc_run application '[""]' '[{dir,  
>> "doc"}, {source_path, ["src"]}]'
> The application/2 function takes an atom (the app name) as its first
> argument. It will find the directory automatically if it is in the
> normal search path, i.e., for all app directories under lib. If not,
> use application/3, like this: application(appname, "dir",  
> [options...])
>     /Richard

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