[erlang-questions] edoc: easy question

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Tue Feb 13 10:00:13 CET 2007

Robert Baruch wrote:
> Thanks for that -- now at least it doesn't error out. Next problem:
>  > erl -noshell -run edoc_run packages '[""]' '[{dir, "doc"}, 
> {source_path, ["src"]}, {subpackages, true}]'
> edoc: warning: file './src/package/file2.erl' belongs to package 
> 'package', not 'src.package'.
> edoc: warning: file './src/file1.erl' belongs to package '', not 'src'.
> Any ideas? It seems edoc isn't recognizing that src is the root...

Apparently, the packages/1/2 functions add the current directory to the
search path (I've no memory of why this is), which together with the
'subpackages' option seems to cause it to think that the 'src' directory
is part of the package structure. I'll have to investigate this. Try
using the 'application' function instead - it should automatically give
you the behaviour you're trying to achieve.


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