[erlang-questions] Disabling error reporting

Gunilla Arendt gunilla@REDACTED
Wed Feb 7 09:41:20 CET 2007

Actually, this seems to be a bug that has been in error_logger for
quite some time. We'll fix it in R11B-4.

As an alternative to using the {file,File} argument, disabling error
logging from the Erlang shell prompt also works:
1> error_logger:tty(false).

Gunilla, Erlang/OTP team

Dominic Williams wrote:
>>> erl -kernel error_logger false
>> Now I get a bunch of these:
>> {error_logger,{{2007,1,19},{16,3,44}},"** Generic server ~p
>> terminating \n** Last message in was ~p~n** When Server state ==
>> ~p~n** Reason for termination == ~n** ~p~n",[<0.172.0>,
>> {exit,bummer},none,bummer]}
>> {error_logger,{{2007,1,19},{16,3,44}},crash_report,[[{pid,<0.172.0>},
>> {registered_name,[]},{error_info,bummer},{initial_call,{gen,init_it,
>> [gen_server,<0.168.0>,<0.168.0>,dummy_task,[10,bummer],[]]}},
>> {ancestors,[<0.168.0>,<0.37.0>]},{messages,[]},{links,[<0.168.0>]},
>> {dictionary,[]},{trap_exit,true},{status,running},{heap_size,377},
>> {stack_size,21},{reductions,114}],[]]}
> Well, this appears to be a bug that appeared somewhere around R10B.
> It used to work. The {file, "log"} still works fine:
> erl -kernel error_logger "{file,\"log\"}"
> Regards,
> Dominic Williams
> http://www.dominicwilliams.net

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