[erlang-questions] Best practices for CNode server or some tutorials?

lang er erlangist@REDACTED
Mon Feb 5 09:48:25 CET 2007

I'm writing a CNode server(using 3rd API DLL) to interact with my erlang
program .
I cannot find much documents about CNode,are there any best practice for
writing CNode?

For example:
1.How to autostart my cnode when start my erlang program(I read some codes
in gtknode,which use a
 middleman process links to the gtkNode )
2.If I want to auto restart my Cnode when it crash,what is the prefer method
to do this?I Think maybe I can use a middleman process to monitor CNode, so
when CNode crash, this process exit, and use supervisor to restart this
3.How to call ei_xreceive_msg in my Cnode. Official example use a infinite
loop, gtknode use g_io_add_watch , is there any function like g_io_add_watch
provided in ei ?

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